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Critical Care

The DPACC critical care team is committed to providing life-saving care to patients in the ICU, including medical ICU, Cardiothoracic ICU and Neurocritical care. 


DPACC’s pulmonary specialists focus on diagnosis, treatment and management of respiratory diseases, including COPD, COVID-19, lung cancer, sleep apnea…

DPACC in the News

We are proud of the DPACC team and excited to share their news.



DPACC is a philosophy of innovation, hard work and perseverance. We provide unmatched quality with dedication and compassion for one another, our community and our patients.


We are a team. A team of physicians and advanced practice providers.


APP Fellowship

Our mission is to prepare advanced practice providers to deliver high quality, patient centered care using the best evidence to guide practice.

DPACC's commitment

Diversity. Integrity. Quality

We value diversity of ideas and people. We adhere to high standards and values by a commitment to honesty, respect, and transparency. We commit to delivering high quality care in every aspect of our work.


Leia Spradling
Leia SpradlingNurse Practitioner
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"I am incredibly proud of the DPACC team, and our growth over the last 10 years. I have grown not only as a provider, but also as a leader."
Dr. Crescens Pellecchia
Dr. Crescens Pellecchia
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"We have new technologies available that help us diagnose and stage lung cancer," says Crescens Pellecchia, MD, an interventional pulmonologist at Medical City Plano. "We're able to diagnose patients earlier, which improves outcomes and allows people to live longer. Once you have a diagnosis of lung cancer, your doctor may order other tests to help stage and work up where the cancer is and if it has spread."

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